Do not Trust Lazy Man and Money on Protandim

Lazy Man and Money

Just because you read it on the Internet, doesn’t make it true.

The “Lazy Man and Money” blog is owned and authored by Brian C Macfarland of Framingham Massachusetts.  He has several alias that he uses including (Corey Whitlaw, Vogal and others).  By day he is a software engineer, by night he is a blogger with no name.  The Lazy Man and Money is a tabloid website about finance.  Brian Macfarland’s agenda includes a hate of network marketing companies, there is no objective and unbiased review of Protandim or any other network marketing company on his website.

He also owns a Protandim Scams website (which he purchased from a disgruntled distributor as a way to increase traffic to his website) and a Juice Scam site that he created years ago as his campaign against MonaVie.

Brian does whatever it takes to promote his website and his agenda: to make money, by promoting his website and search result rankings on Google.  Brian is not interested in protecting the public, telling the truth or exposing any cover-up. His interest is creating a website full of half truths and extreme bias to keep a debate going on his websites, that will increase his website ranking, so it increases his Google Adwords revenue through affiliate programs.  Here’s how it works:

Let me start by saying I have no problem with Brian making money.  I have problem, with him using distortions, a hidden agenda, manipulating facts, and influencing and meddling in the business of others with distortions and omissions. Several few years ago, Mr Macfarland found if he ran a negative blog on one of the fastest network marketing companies of the time (MonaVie), he could make a lot of money with affiliate advertising. This was possible because he could draw in MonaVie distributors to debate the topics he would author on his blog.

Affiliate advertising works like this: If you have a heavily trafficked website, a network (like Google) can place ads on your website.  The higher your website is ranked in search results, the more it is visited.  The more ads seen by visitors, the more clicks those ads receive, and the more money is paid to the website owner.   This is because the network (Google) passes some of the ad revenue on those clicks to  the affiliate.  Some of the highest ranked web site owners can make tens of thousands of dollars per year or if you’re really good, much more.

In this manner Macfarland quickly found if he created controversial content regarding MonaVie, it would lure in MonaVie distributors to keep the debate going on his websites, which increased his website ranking on Google and other search engines.  His sites quickly became the top MonaVie presence on the Internet. Since Brian could control the content on his website (and create aliases to make it appear he has supporters), it was very easy to keep the debate going in a manner that created a lot of traffic.  This is something Mr Macfarland is very skilled at because he has a background in software and Internet marketing.  He could tell just enough truth to not be seen as an immediate fraud, but enough distortions and omissions to draw conflict and attention to his website.

When Macfarland saw the rise of LifeVantage in 2010, he decided to do the same thing, but this time his attack would focus on Protandim and a company called LifeVantage. Today he has successfully attached his websites to the success of LifeVantage and the Protandim story, and he now runs two of the highest ranked affiliate pages on the Internet on Protandim, except he is not promoting truth, he’s promoting his website.  Unfortunately, McFarland believes the law shields him from any requirement to write the truth. His  website is full of misstatements, inaccuracies and half-truths. LifeVantage has filed a lawsuit against McFarland and is asking the courts to force him to delete all misstatements, inaccuracies and half-truths from his website.  But this will take time.

These distortions are often repeated on the Internet, as if “Lazy Man” is some sort of expert on the subject of Protandim.  Usually a prospect will look at what he says and use it as an excuse why they should not consume Protandim or become involved in the LifeVantage business.

Visitors to his Protandim page (or aforementioned MonaVie page and now a long list of other anti-MLM company pages), usually skim over the information to justify not using those products or participating with these companies without any “real” review. This reality makes it easy for Brian to create content that doesn’t need to be accurate or coherent, just misleading enough to give talking points and keep the debate going. It’s an easy way to author distorted content in contrast to the Protandim studies that go under serious review by doctors and scientists before being published in medical journals.

Here are some important things to know:

  • Brian Macfarland has absolutely no scientific background, medical degree, experience with dietary supplements, the law or network marketing as a business.  He is not an expert on free radical biology, antioxidants or even finance.  He is a software engineer and a masterful debater.
  • His website content is controlled (and edited) by him and it is not audited in any fashion by any third party whatsoever.  He can edit anything he wants or hide anything he wants. He can choose to include people’s comments or change them or he can even make stuff up.  He can become any supporting author or contributor on his sites (i.e. Vogal), and can spin and create whatever “facts” he chooses to weave.
  • He invests financially in promoting his websites.  He has created “paid for back-links” to his site and promotes his scam pages in sending thousands of hours creating, editing and manipulating content to his purpose (as described above).
  • He has purposely used alias to hide his identity in a deceitful manner. We know this, what else is he being dishonest about? He says its because he’s received threats, but if that were true, he would have stopped his attacks, but he is INCREASING his attack on many companies. He enjoys this, and is addicted to the money; hardly the behavior of somebody afraid for his safety.
  • He is opposed to all forms of network marketing, and thinks they are scams and should be illegal.
  • He goes to great lengths to hide his identity, agenda, qualifications (or lack there of).
  • He has spent a considerable amount of money fighting lawsuits brought against him.  Ask yourself, how is he funding his defense? And why is he so motivated? It’s very important for him to keep his website going, and his income flowing.
  • He has now created many other anti-mlm pages. If it works, why not do more of it!

In contrast LifeVantage is a public traded company listed on the NASDAQ exchange subject to regulatory rules and published financial audits. Protandim (as a product) is also transparent, subjected to peer review and validation by very respected scientists, doctors and medical journals. Does Brian MacFarland have the same level of transparency? Not even close.  And really do you want to trust a guy who’s alias is “Lazy Man”?

Update June 2013: Brian’s pattern is very predictable. He is a professional MLM attack machine. See his handy work on these network marketing companies.. again all for his gain and profit, not for truth. He will attack any and all companies, bringing in their distributors to debate it on his website to increase his traffic, and he’ll make more money than ever before. Do you think you can trust somebody who is on a campaign against every network marketing company? I’ve added more to the list, note some he’s just fishing for traffic.

Update December 2013: Brian continue’s to add additional network marketing company’s to his hate list.

Update May 2014: Brian has even more websites to attack all and any network marketing company.

Asea Discussion:
Asea Scam:
Rodan and Fields

Here he attacks any network marketing company.

If you would like to add any supporting information or comments, feel free to leave a comment.  Please feel free to link to this website, to help let people know who this guy really is and what his agenda really is.

Some reference links: (he’s taking this down to hide his identity) (Brian runs this site also, he’s wrong, but he’s also a MLM hater, so just know where you’re getting your information)

Who is Brian C Macfarland? Find more about him here or here on this people search engine.

(note: I do not own any of the websites linked from this article)

29 thoughts on “Do not Trust Lazy Man and Money on Protandim

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  2. lonnie

    Thanks for this information. I confirmed this though other sources. Now the information on Brian’s real identity is flowing in. It is all because of this site and I thank you for it. Keep watching the site for more posts and tell everyone you know to keep checking it. That will cause it to rise in the Google search ratings.

    1. annonymous

      LifeVantage is a scam?, that might explain why it is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, LFVN. Also Prosper Magazine featured them in one of there issues. Someone better tell the Real Salt Lake Soccer team they’re JERSEY FRONT SPONSER is a scam, and SOMEONE better tell The American Heart Association and tell the United States Department of Health and Human Services that they are putting positive things about Protandim on! Look, Lazy Man gets payed every time someone clicks on his stuff, he sells lies. Anyone can do that on the internet. Go to a medical doctor ask them to go look up protandim on, and have them tell you what they find. doctors use all the time. you can even go there yourself.

  3. John Zehr

    Corey Whitlaw has made a living by casting aspersions on the scientific credibility of Dr. McCord and Protandim. Certainly, he’s free to do that. This IS America, after all. However, if he’s going to question the science, he really SHOULD divulge his scientific training. After all, if his logic isn’t clear, he might be distorting the truth, intentionally or unintentionally.

    The best thing about the Internet is you can hide behind a computer and say whatever you want about anything.

    The worst thing about the Internet is you can hide behind a computer and say whatever you want about anything.

    I’ve sent skeptics to and it seems to defuse their concerns.

  4. Jay

    My main purpose of leaving this thread is to see if this post is edited or maybe not published in this forum. I would like to comment on Anti Protandim websites such as and editing the posts entered into their web sites.
    I recently made a post at entry 265. My post was about my experience with Protandim. It was a balanced account of my experience, many of the comments being positive towards the product and its distributors, some not so good. My post was not edited in any way by
    I live in Australia and have absolutely no affiliation with any of the people who are involved in any of these anti Protandim web sites apart from making posts on their forums or websites. I make these posts because Protandim is the only product like this that I have been involved in and find it quite interesting.
    Uploaded 12/3/2012 AEST

  5. Not A Protandim User

    Wow…looks like someone from Protandim was paid to create this misleading information solely for the purpose of discrediting Lazy Man. I believe he is simply trying to keep the public from getting brain washed in to buying some “wonder “nutraceutical”. I would like you guys to explain the letter signed by Joe McCord, the supposed creator of Protandim, sent to the Chief Executive…Bill something…its documented on Lazy Mans site….if it were fraudulent….you would think legal action could be taken…damn brain washed republicans….peace

    1. protandimretort Post author

      Lazyman’s motives are pretty clear, he makes a lot of money off of disinformation and distortions on Protandim. I don’t think the letter is a fraud, however I think Brian’s use of the “facts” is being used to distort the truths to attract a debate on his blog, to increase his website ratings, and thus his income.

      To answer you question: McCord never had interest to be on the patent, scientists are driven by authoring peer reviewed studies that get published, not creating inventions. The letter illustrates both Paul and Bill felt McCord had done enough over an 11 month period to invite him to participate as an Inventor, but McCord clearly isn’t interested in this title, and with humility turns down the invite. If McCord was it it for fame and money, he would not have declined. Regardless of his 11 month contribution, his focus was on future research as he indicates. It’s always been known that MyHill played a significant role in the formula, to be improved on with McCord and also validated by his research. The titles of Inventor, Creator, Formulator, Researcher haven’t always been used correctly by distributors and the company, often through ignorance. The best title I would give to McCord is primary researcher, however his role in the final formula of Protandim is measurable from this same letter and cannot be over looked.

      Im not sure that McCord, MyHill or Bill are republicans or not., not sure that has any relevance.

  6. John Q

    Brian C MacFarland is a leech, the scum of society, for anyone in MA you can pay him a visit at his home:
    1109 Windsor Dr
    Framingham, MA 01701

    or visit him at work

    WHERE, Inc.
    77 N Washington St, 3rd Floor
    Boston, MA 02114

    Phone: 617.502.3100

    Call his boss and let him know what he is doing on company time, blogging and smearing a reputable company.

  7. Scott

    I “saw through” Lazy Man (aka Brian MacFarland) right away. Look at his site now, and you’ll see links for various compensation plans in MLM. Clicking those links takes you to various lead generation companies for….MLM!! Brian is talking from both sides of his mouth. He is a very skilled blogger who knows how to keep the discussion going….and remember, he is “always right”. Sly and lecherous, to say the least.

  8. Alex Bn

    What I find most amazing, is that lazyman is spending so much time and money in his attack campaign against lifevantage. There is more to this than we know about. His personal attack on people is borderline defamation… does he really want this liability? How long will lifevantage let him drag people through the mud, while he makes money on this. At the end of the road, I think that Brian will find him self in bankruptcy court, and will regret being the anti-protandim spokesperson.

  9. Finding Macfarland

    Not A Protandim User
    7 May 12 at 3:20 pm

    Wow…looks like someone from Protandim was paid to create this misleading information solely for the purpose of discrediting Lazy Man. I believe he is simply trying to keep the public from getting brain washed in to buying some “wonder “nutraceutical”. I would like you guys to explain the letter signed by Joe McCord, the supposed creator of Protandim, sent to the Chief Executive…Bill something…its documented on Lazy Mans site….if it were fraudulent….you would think legal action could be taken…damn brain washed republicans….peace

    Wow… looks like one of Lazy Man’s Gustapo members is visiting the site.

    Dude, nobody has to pay anyone to expose Brian Macfarland, everyone here would do it for free in a heartbeat.

    As far as a law suit, it’s hard to track someone down to file a law suit against when they hide behind fake names like Corey Whitlaw, or is it Whitless. But now that everyone has his real name, and also his real address, which by the way it’s not 1109 Windsor Dr in Framingham Mass., then they can go after him. He actually lives in Rhode Island folks. He bought a lovely little house there last August.

    Brian loves to talk class action law suits, it wouldn’t be hard to get several thousand folks together from all the companies he loves to go after. If anyone is interested just post something here and we can probably organize something.

    Oh and he is not Vogel either, Vogel is a standalone jackass that lives in gated community in California and he is a narcissistic, self-proclaimed expert with zero credibility and just another sad little out of work loser, that we can only assume lives at home with his mother. He fits the profile perfectly 😉 Who knows, maybe someone might release his real name and address as well, only time will tell.

    I think would what be fun is to show just a couple of pieces of his real address every few days, if we’re lucky maybe it will caused him the same heart ache that he has caused so many folks in many direct selling companies.

    With that said, here are a few pieces of his REAL address of his lovely 1800 sq ft home in Rhode Island which can be readily found online for all to see. And the publicly available address for Brian C (Corey is actually his middle name) Macfarland isssssss …

    30 _ _ L _ _ _ _ _ AVE
    _ _ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _
    _ 2 _ 4 _, Rhode Island

    This should get back to him really quickly, his slimey bottom feeding mouth breathers are obviously reading these posts and reporting back to ole’ Brian like good little zealots should.

    Here is a crazy thought. I bet that if all of Brian’s anti direct selling websites disappeared, the above address would also disappear as well. Just a wild guess.

    Oh and by the way, if you happen to have the time, I know everyone is busy doing their various direct selling business’s, and making money, but go to every one of LazyMan’s AdSense advertisers and send an email of complaint telling them that as long as any of Brian Macfarland’s websites have their ads or products on them that you will not purchase their products or services and you will make sure to tell all your friends to do the same. After all, we all have thousands of friends because of our industry!!

    Isn’t networking grand :)

  10. Finding Macfarland

    Well I see Brian is not backing off, so here are a few more letters added to his REAL address.

    30 A _ L _ N _ I _ AVE
    _ _ _ D _ E _ _ _ N
    _ 2 8 4 _, Rhode Island

    Come on Brian, time to take the crap down and stop making per click revenue on the backs of hard working direct selling entrepreneurs. From what I understand Brian C. Macfarland earns about 80K a year on clicks.

    Well actually LM traffic has dropped so he had to go get a real job instead of living off his wife’s paycheck. You can see his traffic is wayyyyy down if you check him out on Alexa, he doesn’t even register for the past 3 months.

    1. Clint

      Even if he is doing click per ads as a side business, isn’t it a legit form of Entrepreneurial business? versus trying to sell $600 business kits to unsuspecting people that that can plainly see after doing research on the internet( from other sources than lazyman’s site)that the product is no good? MLM is pyramid scheming and it only benefits the high up people in these so called legitimate marketing companies that Lazy man listed. By the way, I’m am unbiased but whether he posts that data for financial purposes or not , it is accurate! I checked myself! Take care brain washers!! lol

      1. protandimretort Post author

        Clint, The problem isn’t that Brian is in the business of making money, the problem is he’s not being completely honest or balanced. If you’re going making the claim the product is no good, you’re going to have provide references. MOST (if not all of those claims) are from paid skeptics or nameless tabloid bloggers. Meanwhile, Protandim has been featured in scientific and medical journals, with many public (paid and not paid) endorsers. A proper compensation plan pays the people who do the work, just like any home based business. The biggest scams to hit the American society are not companies that operate legally on the NASDAQ stock exchange, they are the scams that hide in the dark corners in privtely held namless shell companies or those represented on blogs behind people who do not share their name or credentials (just like Brian McFarland).

  11. Little Vogal

    I have no problem with Macfarland making money, I have a problem with him creating distortions to make money.

  12. Mike

    I wish you would answer the questions raised in his blog rather attack him. some of us would like to know the facts rather than read personal attacks.

  13. Jeff

    I don’t quite understand… I was sent to this site to read the rebuttals to all of Lazy Man’s claims. It just seems to talk about how Lazy Man is making money from his smear campaign.

    Can someone direct me to a site or sites that directly deals with the claims that Lazy Man made. He was quite diligent in providing supporting links to his arguments so I was kind of expecting the same thing from this site but in favor of Protandim… anyone help me here?

    1. protandimretort Post author

      Jeff I’ve added 2 articles today. I have 2 more pending. One is on the ingredients, its it cheaper to get them by themselves, and the value of Protandim, and another which is around the TBARS test. I will also add an article about Dr Harriet Hall.

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  15. Reality Check

    I’ve been approached about the product and company and through my due diligence have come across the lazyman website. I personally will likely be moving forward with LifeVantage and don’t think much of the website after doing my own analysis. Truth is, he is making money off his website in a big way and it seems obvious that his strategy is to talk trash in order to get traffic. That would make sense since most people who search for LifeVantage or any other MLM are probably considering joining those companies for the business opportunity, and are thus vulnerable to such destructive talk. Seems it is his intention to defame companies, create doubt, and since those internet searchers are at his site and see other possible business options, they will click on his advertisements and put money in his pocket. Wouldn’t doubt it if he is also receiving affiliate income from anyone who signs up through the advertisements he places on his site.

    I also don’t see the relevance of picking through every single thing he says … the company has peer reviews and the scientific data to back up their claims. You can’t get more pure backing than that. To counter anything anyone ever says gives them far too much credit. Understand what the peer reviews are, how they are affirmed, and what the studies say. Those are from numerous sources from the medical field, not affiliated with one another – they are done independent of the initial research. Not sure why anyone needs more validation than that. Think that’s also what lazyman relies on … those who operate in fear and are drawn to anything anyone says that doesn’t coincide with what should be the obvious truth. Fear is an emotion that drives most humans, and this Brian fellow has found a way to profit from poeple’s fears. Those fearful and concerned and not able to trust scientific research over some MLM smear jockey shouldn’t be in the MLM business at all. Those are the types of people who can’t trust their own judgment or the judgment of the experts.

  16. Mary Richard

    The Lazy dumb-ass is just that. He probably has a two year degree and is trying to pass himself off as an expert in both the financial and healthcare related industries. He makes fun of those he sees have typos or people who might be learning disabled. How can you trust a zero like this? I have researched Protandim extensively before I began using the product. I am not a distributor but love the product. I have had significant improvement in my overall health. I sleep better, have fewer cravings (sweets), and have improved my pain levels. I also had a rash like growth on my hand I have had for years. No doctor could tell me why or what it was. It has gone away. All the ingredients in Protandim are actually plant extracts that have been around for thousands of years. Each of them has been known to help some people with a variety of problems including but not limited to: pain and inflammation, infections, neurological disorders, and blood sugar control. I could go on and on about the people who have told me their stories first hand in meetings or online. I enjoy the science behind it. He is wrong on so many things. For instance, there was a study done on the epithelial layer on the lungs of individuals who suffer from alcoholism. The results were not conclusive and the study said as much. However, idiot over there (LazyMan) said the studies were done on human lungs. There is a big difference between doing studies on the layer (epithelial layer of skin or covering on the inside of the lung) and on the lung itself. But, I guess he does not understand that. He did not allow a good portion of the things I said to him that discredited both his statements and his knowledge of science and scientific studies. If he had, no one would listen any longer. Anyone can say anything about anybody at any time and there are certain people who will believe it. There are such things as PROMS which are patient reports of how a drug affects them. There are many out there particularly these days when it comes to statins. More people die from or are injured by FDA approved medications than any of these innocent plant extracts that have been around for thousands of years now. They are tried and true. If they were not, you would not see them online. It is quite possible for someone who is not a scientist but who can read about them and get patents on the formulation. There is a plethora of information on the medicinal effects of many herbs. LifeVantage has taken advantage of the computer age to use the internet to market, post information, studies, interview, and peer reviewed studies. Anyone can go to PubMed and read about Protandim. I am not sure they would want the expense of having their supplement FDA approved. Time and the internet and our ability to interface with our fellow man around the world, will tell us just how many people have benefitted from Protandim. My husband and I use it and love the product. I also use the facial cream and it is fabulous. There is no miracle cure for everything that ails us, but there are things out there that can make our lives easier and more comfortable the longer we live. But to slander other companies just because they are multi-level marketing in nature is just pure stupidity. The HerbaLife s of the last 30 years and the Mary Kay s of the world were probably way ahead of their time. They have been successful and helped others to do so. There have been many successful car winning mothers who raised their children with the help of Mary Kay and her Christian centered business principles. I guess Christianity or the do unto others mentality is not real popular these days. However, what goes around…comes around. And Mr. LazyMan may be getting his “propers” one day soon!!!! He has a job and does his research while on the job…I hope someone let his boss know.


  17. Brian Petrick

    My hat is off to all of the entrprenuers out there who work super hard to make a business work – HONESTLY. As for deceptive slanderers like this LAZY MAN is he rightly calls himself – He is straight from… “You-know-where” and will most likely go there if he doesnt change his heart before it’s too late.

    1. protandimretort Post author

      Yes its a shame that Brian must be dishonest, but I suppose that’s his way, and freedom of speech laws will let him say what ever facts he tries to spin.

  18. Dan O'Shea

    I was interested in searching Protandim for my own health reasons and being experienced in internet search and as an IT Consultant, I wanted to do my due diligence. Reading the LifeVantage site, other resources such as, etc., I found the arguments FOR Protandim plausible. It also wasn’t hard to stumble on protandimsc* (I don’t want the search spiders to see his real domain name.) and it was so slighted against, I had my doubts.
    One big doubt was his reference to and “why it wasn’t recommended by LifeVantage” for web visitors to search. So I did a search on and found only several studies which did not negatively slight Protandim. With that and seeing most of his links linked back to him or other sites that linked back to him, I began to understand that his agenda was NOT Protandim, but greater. I then searched him as I believed I would find the truth. I soon did with more search by finding this site. When I saw he was anti-MLM, I then understood.
    But further, as an IT consultant, I understood so much more of what he does. Example, one who wants their website rank high in Google, will ‘blog’ about the latest, current national and world events. Notice when there is a national news crisis, when you do a search some blogs come up? Why? Because that is what everyone is searching currently on! Same for the Lazy guy, he blogs against the current MLM so that the current swell on that news will pump up his site in SPR (Search Page Rankings)!!!
    Thank you You helped me in my evaluation. Yours was filled with truth as I understood it by being an IT guy and you helped put the puzzle together for me without having to spend hours.
    I have decided that the only one fully capable of determining if Protandim works is ME. Not scam sites or naysayers, not even verified studies, not this site, not even LifeVantage…but ME.
    So because you showed me that Lazy Man and his protandimc* was the real scam…I’m going to the true source of whether it works or not…ME. I’ll purchase for several months…if it doesn’t work, I won’t keep buying, if it works…Great! Thanks again for the great ‘retort’ site!

  19. JJ Venny

    Yes I am renaming anonymous because I don’t want to be in this guys cross hairs. The truth is coming out about Brian Macfarland. I found a woman who told me a troubling story. She said when she was 11 Brian Macfarland Molested her. She said that she has kept this information secret for years and there is no way she wants to relive this in a court room. I did a little digging and verified its this same guy posting on the Lazyman money website. I don’t know much about what he talks about on his website weather its right or wrong but this guy needs stopped. I hope someone else comes forward and goes to the cops. Unfortunately it will probably be his own kids. Does anyone know anything about his kids? I’m sure a call to child abuse hotline would be in order.

    1. protandimretort Post author

      I cannot validate that story is true or not, however, that’s the thing about blogs, you can’t, just like Brian’s website.

  20. LSalvatore

    As of July 2015, the lawsuit brought by LifeVantage Corporation v. Brian C. MacFarland, in San Mateo County, in the State of California, Case Number CIV521137 was still pending.

    On July 24, 2015, the Court of Appeal of the State of California, the First Appellate District, Division Five, issued its opinion affirming the California trial court’s denial of MacFarland’s motion to dismiss LifeVantage’s libel lawsuit.

    The appellate court wrote:

    MacFarland argues his statements about LifeVantage were mere expressions of opinion and contain no provably false assertions of fact. Thus, he contends he cannot be held liable for defamation. We disagree. “While many Internet critiques are nothing more than ranting opinions that cannot be taken seriously, Internet commentary does not ipso facto get a free pass under defamation law.” (Bently Reserve LP v. Papaliolios (2013) 218 Cal.App.4th 418, 422 (Bently Reserve).) Where, as here, an Internet commenter affirmatively represents he is stating facts and not opinions, a reasonable reader might well conclude his statements are intended to be factual. In addition, contrary to MacFarland’s contentions, we conclude LifeVantage is not a limited purpose public figure. Finally, we reject MacFarland’s argument that LifeVantage failed to show it is entitled to any remedy. Accordingly, we will affirm the order from which the appeal is taken.

    The appellate court wrote:

    If LifeVantage succeeds in proving the challenged statements are libelous, then it will have obtained a judicial determination they are defamatory, and a properly tailored posttrial injunction to prevent their repetition should pose no constitutional problem of prior restraint. DISPOSITION
    The order denying the special motion to strike is affirmed. LifeVantage shall recover its costs on appeal. (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 8.278(a)(1),(2).)

    Caveat: I am an attorney licensed to practice law in only one State. I am not licensed to practice law in California. I am a LifeVantage distributor.


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