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Do not Trust Lazy Man and Money on Protandim

Lazy Man and Money

Just because you read it on the Internet, doesn’t make it true.

The “Lazy Man and Money” blog is owned and authored by Brian C Macfarland of Framingham Massachusetts.  He has several alias that he uses including (Corey Whitlaw, Vogal and others).  By day he is a software engineer, by night he is a blogger with no name.  The Lazy Man and Money is a tabloid website about finance.  Brian Macfarland’s agenda includes a hate of network marketing companies, there is no objective and unbiased review of Protandim or any other network marketing company on his website.

He also owns a Protandim Scams website (which he purchased from a disgruntled distributor as a way to increase traffic to his website) and a Juice Scam site that he created years ago as his campaign against MonaVie.

Brian does whatever it takes to promote his website and his agenda: to make money, by promoting his website and search result rankings on Google.  Brian is not interested in protecting the public, telling the truth or exposing any cover-up. His interest is creating a website full of half truths and extreme bias to keep a debate going on his websites, that will increase his website ranking, so it increases his Google Adwords revenue through affiliate programs.  Here’s how it works:

Let me start by saying I have no problem with Brian making money.  I have problem, with him using distortions, a hidden agenda, manipulating facts, and influencing and meddling in the business of others with distortions and omissions. Several few years ago, Mr Macfarland found if he ran a negative blog on one of the fastest network marketing companies of the time (MonaVie), he could make a lot of money with affiliate advertising. This was possible because he could draw in MonaVie distributors to debate the topics he would author on his blog.

Affiliate advertising works like this: If you have a heavily trafficked website, a network (like Google) can place ads on your website.  The higher your website is ranked in search results, the more it is visited.  The more ads seen by visitors, the more clicks those ads receive, and the more money is paid to the website owner.   This is because the network (Google) passes some of the ad revenue on those clicks to  the affiliate.  Some of the highest ranked web site owners can make tens of thousands of dollars per year or if you’re really good, much more.

In this manner Macfarland quickly found if he created controversial content regarding MonaVie, it would lure in MonaVie distributors to keep the debate going on his websites, which increased his website ranking on Google and other search engines.  His sites quickly became the top MonaVie presence on the Internet. Since Brian could control the content on his website (and create aliases to make it appear he has supporters), it was very easy to keep the debate going in a manner that created a lot of traffic.  This is something Mr Macfarland is very skilled at because he has a background in software and Internet marketing.  He could tell just enough truth to not be seen as an immediate fraud, but enough distortions and omissions to draw conflict and attention to his website.

When Macfarland saw the rise of LifeVantage in 2010, he decided to do the same thing, but this time his attack would focus on Protandim and a company called LifeVantage. Today he has successfully attached his websites to the success of LifeVantage and the Protandim story, and he now runs two of the highest ranked affiliate pages on the Internet on Protandim, except he is not promoting truth, he’s promoting his website.  Unfortunately, McFarland believes the law shields him from any requirement to write the truth. His  website is full of misstatements, inaccuracies and half-truths. LifeVantage has filed a lawsuit against McFarland and is asking the courts to force him to delete all misstatements, inaccuracies and half-truths from his website.  But this will take time.

These distortions are often repeated on the Internet, as if “Lazy Man” is some sort of expert on the subject of Protandim.  Usually a prospect will look at what he says and use it as an excuse why they should not consume Protandim or become involved in the LifeVantage business.

Visitors to his Protandim page (or aforementioned MonaVie page and now a long list of other anti-MLM company pages), usually skim over the information to justify not using those products or participating with these companies without any “real” review. This reality makes it easy for Brian to create content that doesn’t need to be accurate or coherent, just misleading enough to give talking points and keep the debate going. It’s an easy way to author distorted content in contrast to the Protandim studies that go under serious review by doctors and scientists before being published in medical journals.

Here are some important things to know:

  • Brian Macfarland has absolutely no scientific background, medical degree, experience with dietary supplements, the law or network marketing as a business.  He is not an expert on free radical biology, antioxidants or even finance.  He is a software engineer and a masterful debater.
  • His website content is controlled (and edited) by him and it is not audited in any fashion by any third party whatsoever.  He can edit anything he wants or hide anything he wants. He can choose to include people’s comments or change them or he can even make stuff up.  He can become any supporting author or contributor on his sites (i.e. Vogal), and can spin and create whatever “facts” he chooses to weave.
  • He invests financially in promoting his websites.  He has created “paid for back-links” to his site and promotes his scam pages in sending thousands of hours creating, editing and manipulating content to his purpose (as described above).
  • He has purposely used alias to hide his identity in a deceitful manner. We know this, what else is he being dishonest about? He says its because he’s received threats, but if that were true, he would have stopped his attacks, but he is INCREASING his attack on many companies. He enjoys this, and is addicted to the money; hardly the behavior of somebody afraid for his safety.
  • He is opposed to all forms of network marketing, and thinks they are scams and should be illegal.
  • He goes to great lengths to hide his identity, agenda, qualifications (or lack there of).
  • He has spent a considerable amount of money fighting lawsuits brought against him.  Ask yourself, how is he funding his defense? And why is he so motivated? It’s very important for him to keep his website going, and his income flowing.
  • He has now created many other anti-mlm pages. If it works, why not do more of it!

In contrast LifeVantage is a public traded company listed on the NASDAQ exchange subject to regulatory rules and published financial audits. Protandim (as a product) is also transparent, subjected to peer review and validation by very respected scientists, doctors and medical journals. Does Brian MacFarland have the same level of transparency? Not even close.  And really do you want to trust a guy who’s alias is “Lazy Man”?

Update June 2013: Brian’s pattern is very predictable. He is a professional MLM attack machine. See his handy work on these network marketing companies.. again all for his gain and profit, not for truth. He will attack any and all companies, bringing in their distributors to debate it on his website to increase his traffic, and he’ll make more money than ever before. Do you think you can trust somebody who is on a campaign against every network marketing company? I’ve added more to the list, note some he’s just fishing for traffic.

Update December 2013: Brian continue’s to add additional network marketing company’s to his hate list.

Update May 2014: Brian has even more websites to attack all and any network marketing company.

Visalus: http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/visalus-scam/
Jusaru: http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/jusuru-scam/
One24: http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/one24-natraburst-scam/
Herbalife: http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/herbalife-scam/
Youngevity: http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/youngevity-scam/
Xowii: http://www.juicescam.com/xowii-open-discussion/
Asea Discussion: http://www.juicescam.com/asea-open-discussion/
Asea Scam:http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/asea-scam/
Vemma: http://www.juicescam.com/vemma-open-discussion/
Rippln: http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/rippln-scam/
Nopalea: http://www.juicescam.com/nopalea-open-discussion/
Xyngular: http://www.juicescam.com/xyngular-open-discussion/
Tupperware: http://www.mlmmyth.org/tupperware-direct-selling-left-us-industry-dominated-by-apparent-pyramid-schemes/
FlexKom http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/flexkom-scam/
Nerium http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/nerium-scam/
Beachbody http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/beachbody-scam/
WorldVentures http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/worldventures-mlm-lawsuits/
Rodan and Fields http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/rodan-and-fields-scam/

Here he attacks any network marketing company.

If you would like to add any supporting information or comments, feel free to leave a comment.  Please feel free to link to this website, to help let people know who this guy really is and what his agenda really is.

Some reference links:



http://brianmacfarland.wordpress.com/ (he’s taking this down to hide his identity)












http://www.mlmmyth.org (Brian runs this site also, he’s wrong, but he’s also a MLM hater, so just know where you’re getting your information)

Who is Brian C Macfarland? Find more about him here or here on this people search engine.

(note: I do not own any of the websites linked from this article)